Company: FOX IV Technologies & NuLabel Technologies


Equipment Snapshot: FOX IV Technologies recently announced their partnership with NuLabel Technologies. The two industry innovators are combining  their design expertise  to create a zero landfill waste print and apply system. The system will debut at Pack Expo 2016.

The new liner-free print and apply system will be a ground-breaking system that combines the best of both companies: FOX IV's industrial design and print and apply control expertise with NuLabel's activatable adhesive technology and application system, Catalyst.   

Eliminating the label liner has benefits other than reducing a company's waste stream. Because there is no longer a liner, more linear inches of actual label stock are available per roll resulting in longer production runs with minimal downtime for label roll changeovers. This also allows for lower overall label costs since customers no longer have to pay for a liner that is thrown away. Additionally, maintenance time is reduced due to the removal of traditional adhesives traveling through the labeling system.

As well as eliminating the liner, this new print and apply system also eliminates the thermal transfer ribbon, not only making it more earth-friendly, but also data secure as the information imprinted on the thermal transfer ribbon is no longer a factor. 

FOX IV's New Liner-free Print and Apply with Catalyst™ technology will make it's debut at Pack Expo 2016 Booth #N-5737.