Innovative technology that can eliminate the use of caustic chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing bakery equipment is detailed in a new white paper published by Klarion from Spraying Systems Co. The white paper summarizes the progression of Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) technology which uses electricity, salt and water to produce powerful cleaning and sanitizing solutions that are just as effective as traditional chemicals but non-irritating to skin and eyes and fragrance free.

Peter Bramsen, author of the white paper, explained, “ECA technology has slowly evolved over the last century. It’s just within the last few years that advancements have made the technology suitable for on-site use in bakery and snack processing plants. The Klarion system is robust, compact, cost-effective and safer for employees which makes it a viable replacement for traditional chemicals. And, using patented technology, we’ve cleared the final hurdle to produce salt-free outputs that can be safely used on stainless steel equipment.”

Additional topics covered in the white paper include the user acceptance of ECA technology and the impact on worker safety, sustainability and operating costs. “The Evolution of Electro-Chemical Activation Technology and its Practical Application” can be downloaded here.

More information is available at or by calling 1-630-517-1010.