Company: Grecian Delight


Introduced: August 2018

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: Grecian Delight has introduced the new and improved One Republic Mediterranean Flatwrap portfolio for operators looking to upscale their menus, offering more on-trend flatbread alternatives.

Wiith wraps holding a strong and steady position on restaurant menus across all segments and dayparts, the new One Republic Flatwrap portfolio provides multiple menu options for operators.

The One Republic Flatwrap portfolio includes range of flatbreads flavors that can be used to create a unique variety of wrapped sandwiches with an added ethnic flair, creating interest and attraction to the menu.

With ancient grains among the Top 20 trends on the NRA 2018 What’s Hot list, and a perfect fit to fast casual due to the healthy halo and honest ingredient perception, the new One Republic Flatwrap line includes the Ancient Grains Flatwrap made with quinoa, spelt, amaranth and flax seeds.

The Grecian Delight One Republic Flatwrap portfolio works well as a hand-held, portable, on-the-go solution in response to consumer preferences

With half of consumers purchasing a wrap away from home once a month, the new One Republic Flatwrap portfolio is especially appealing to consumers seeking portable protein carriers for fresh, lighter fare options.

An upscale and flavorful alternative to the basic tortillas or the standard sandwich wrap, the new One Republic Flatwrap portfolio combines Mediterranean heritage with contemporary influences from around the world to create extraordinary flatbread products that add exciting flavors and upscaled quality to any recipe.

The expanded One Republic Flatwrap portfolio includes three all new flavors and two improved varieties to the delicious products line to amplify consumer preferences:

  • NEW 9” Ancient Grains Flatwrap - Made with quinoa, spelt, amaranth and flax seeds
  • NEW 9″ Cilantro Lime Flatwrap
  • NEW 9″ Red Chile Flatwrap
  • IMPROVED 9″ White Flatwrap
  • IMPROVED 9″ Honey Wheat Flatwrap