Company: American Thermal Instruments

Technology Snapshot: American Thermal Instruments (ATI – A Division of CAVU Brands) has announced the release of its VarIoT technology. VarIoT is a high-temperature ascending indicator incorporating customer-specified product information in barcode or QR (Quick Response code) form. Scanning the static label with the VarIoT App, displays product details, location of the temperature indicator, and product-specific temperature threshold.

Drawing from a prespecified product temperature range, the digital record displays customizable information based on GS1 parameters. VarIoT’s irreversible graphic PASS/FAIL indicator provides a clear and objective visual reference as to whether the product has deviated from specified temperature parameters during storage or shipping.

Supporting Internet of Things (IoT) strategies, data sensors are the cornerstone of connectivity and real-time data access. Through its VarIot technology, ATI empowers users to ensure product integrity, improve decision making, and maintain digital access to their temperature data – any time, any place.

In compliance with the 8009 (01) standard set by AIM and GS1, VarIoT follows the universal method to interpret temperature thresholds. Paired with the customized VarIoT App, this technology provides real-time product data and critical temperature history.  With a response temperature of 25°C to 71°C, VarIoT is accurate to within ±1°C. The self-activating sensory labels display an irreversible color change to indicate a temperature/quality breach.  Offered in sheet or rolled form, VarIoT standard label size is 0.5” x 0.6” with custom options available.

CAUV Brands CEO, Randall Lane comments:

“Throughout any supply chain operation maintaining product integrity is critical. But for medical, pharmaceutical, food, and similar industries, immediate and accurate access to product quality information is simply non-negotiable. VarIoT technology revolutionizes the way standard ascending indicators are used and interpreted throughout the supply chain. Incorporating readable sensor indicators with existing barcode technology, VarIoT puts real-time product digital data at your fingertips while removing subjective interpretation and guesswork. ATI is excited to be on the forefront of this technology as it further advances the standard chemical indicators provided to so many of their customer today.”