Company: Workpack Solutions

Technology Snapshot: Workpack Solutions is pleased to introduce a new bolt-on application for its CartonERP platform aimed at helping folding carton manufacturers improve their quality control processes. One of the most beneficial capabilities of the new application is the management of corrective actions within customers’ critical business processes.

“This bolt-on delivers additional value to CartonERP customers, and as is the case with most new features, it originated out of insight gained from a single customer,” said Kristie Vos, co-founder of Workpack Solutions. “After two decades, CartonERP continues to be successful because we listen to our customers’ needs and work hard to solve their pain points. This is a testament to that.”

Managing corrective action has historically been a slow and labor-intensive job for folding carton converters simply because of the many follow-up tasks involved in the process. CartonERP now automates the tracking of corrective action tasks related to communication and procedures. The software accelerates task completion and gets end customers faster responses. This new functionality is beneficial for both customer and supplier-facing corrective actions as well as internal corrective actions, including those related to safety.

Likely the most valuable benefit for customers stems from the fact that corrective action reports are tied directly into processes like procurement, estimating and production. By providing timely, relevant information about previous corrective actions, customers can avoid the same mistakes in the future – thereby reducing job reruns and supply issues that affect their bottom line. “Who wants to run a job wrong? But worse yet, it’s completely horrible if you make the same mistake twice! Unfortunately, we see this happening to converters all the time who don’t have access to tools like these,” said Kristie Vos.

CartonERP is a comprehensive and easy-to-use enterprise system that supports both operational and administrative processes of folding carton manufacturers. It is available on-premise and in the cloud, and can be used on any device, plus- customers pay no upfront software costs.

CartonERP’s features and carton connect apps are paid on a membership basis, which covers upgrades and support.

“We give customers the entire CartonERP suite, but we customize each system by turning on only the features the customer requires. This makes CartonERP not only 100 percent relevant to each customer’s operations, but also more agile and cost-effective,” said Vos.

Workpack Solutions invests roughly a third of all annual membership fees on the development of new features and enhancements, and because membership fees are tied into the Consumer Price Index, increases are predictable. Request a demo at