Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to a more sustainable earth, Toshiba America Business Solutions has announced its recycling of nearly 187 U.S. tons of e-waste—from spent toner consumables—and replanting of 37,083 trees in 2019. 

Since 2008, Toshiba has eliminated about 1,542 tons of e-waste from entering landfills via the company’s EcoSmart Toner Recycling Program and by partnering with an internationally-recognized recycler, Close the Loop.  This weight is equivalent to 15,474 average-sized (199.3 pounds) National Hockey League players1. Upon partnering with PrintReleaf in 2016, Toshiba has replanted 78,459 trees across global reforestation projects in Madagascar, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ireland, United States, Brazil and India.  Toshiba customers choose the planting location based on recommendations of the World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch initiative.   A new tree is planted for every 8,333 sheets of paper customers print. SGS International, a world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization, certifies the global reforestation partners while verifying the 100 percent net survival of the trees.      

“Preserving and protecting our environment is a primary focus of ours at Toshiba,” stated Toshiba America Business Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Maccabe.  “Though we are pleased with our current recycling and reforestation results, we want to continually improve while operating more sustainably within every community our employees and customers live and work.” 

Toshiba’s ecoSmart Toner Recycling program ensures the transformation of the company’s used toner cartridges into reusable material through a zero-thermal recovery process.  Many of these components are converted into new products such as an asphalt material for resurfacing roads.

Toshiba’s toner recycling program is a significant reason the company's award-winning e‑STUDIO multifunction printers are on the EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) registry, the definitive global rating system for greener electronics. 

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