Company: BluLine Solutions

Technology Snapshot: BluLine Solutions has introduced the Blulog Inertia Gel Pack Logger to the U.S. market. Known within the company as the “digital chicken,” the Inertia Logger is designed to closely mimic and measure temperatures of products, not just the air temperature surrounding the product. 

“Measuring environmental temperature is useful and effective in many applications;” explains BluLine CEO Dean Hornsby, “however, if there are frequent events where the environmental temperature changes but the product temperature does not necessarily change as much,  such as with door opening or power outage events, it may be more useful to have a logger like the Inertia logger, which simulates a product’s temperature more closely.”

The Blulog Inertia Logger features either a Blulog NFC “tap to read” logger or Blulog RF live-monitor encased in a glycol gel solution, eliminating probes and glycol canisters for a clean installation. The streamlined packaging is food safe and can be easily cleaned. The RF wireless sensors automatically connect with our RF Gateway Hub, while the NFC loggers are read with your smart device, to transfer your temperature data to the BluConsole complimentary cloud based dashboard. The 2300 feet (700 meters) open field transmission range reduces the requirement for multiple hubs. Calibration is certified for up to three years and there are no batteries to replace.

The Blulog Inertia logger is the safe, simple solution to product temperature simulation.

For more information on BluLine Solutions or Blulog monitoring systems, please visit or contact 1-800-240-7193.