The newly formed World Macadamia Organisation (WMO) has officially launched and incorporated in Singapore, with a mandate to drive demand by creating a greater understanding and appreciation of this understated wholefood. 

Industry data and global supply forecasts show the supply of macadamia nut-in-shell will double by 2025, and possibly triple by 2030, to over 600,000mt. To ensure that demand meets supply, whilst still retaining the macadamia’s premium positioning, the WMO has been charged with stimulating growth, and helping to solidify the long-term foundations for a strong, sustainable market. 

The founding CEO of the WMO, Jillian Laing, has an extensive background in global food marketing working across consumer, snack foods and dairy, ingredients, and foodservice. Jillian is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Jillian Laing says: “The WMO is an independent not-for-profit and is the global champion of the macadamia industry. We will position macadamias in the areas of health, luxury, and natural goodness—where healthy meets luxury in a natural way— and align with consumer trends towards mindful eating.” 

The interim Chair of the WMO Board is global industry expert, Larry McHugh, who is joined on the interim board by Myles Osborn and Pieter van der Westhuizen from South Africa, and Michael Russo and Richard Sampson Genest from Australia. Australia and South Africa have led the establishment phase of the WMO and are looking forward to welcoming other member countries to the organization. Board elections will be held in the coming months and six directors will be elected at this time. 

Larry McHugh says: “Never has there been a more critical time than now, for the global macadamia industry to come together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration. We will be stronger and more resilient working with each other to grow awareness of, and demand for this incredible product.” 

Member nations are eligible to have representatives on the Members’ Council, which will meet at least twice a year.  The first virtual meeting will be in October, and the first physical meeting is planned to align with INC in Dubai in May 2022. To date, seven of the world’s largest macadamia producing nations have confirmed their membership including Australia, Guatemala, Hawaii, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Vietnam.   

The initial focus of the WMO is to build demand in three key areas; develop the emerging Indian market, grow frequency of consumption in China, and strengthen positioning demand in the rapidly developing plant-based diet industry.   

The WMO will facilitate health research, collect insightful industry data, and create alignment in global product standards.  

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