Spiroflow will now be offering the full range of Cablevey tubular drag conveyors in its product portfolio.

The totally-enclosed Cablevey tubular cable drag conveyors offer a variety of clean-in-place options including: dry cleaning with wiper discs, air knife purge units, brush boxes, and wet cleaning solutions that can incorporate foam and sterilizing agents. This new collaboration allows Spiroflow to offer best in class wet and dry hygienic cleaning features for fast and effective cleaning without having to disassemble tubular conveyors.

Wet cleaning options are available for 4’, 6’, and 8’ diameter systems and offer an easy three-step internal cleaning process. Once materials are removed from the system, water is introduced to rinse the inside of the tube and the cable and disc assembly. Next, a foam agent can be introduced into the system to fully cleanse the internal parts, followed by a second water rinse. In the final step a sanitizing solution can be run through the conveyor to eliminate any remaining contaminants followed by a drying process to quickly get equipment back up and running.

In addition to the wet and dry cleaning options, Cablevey’s line also offers a Clearvey system for materials that contain natural oils. Some of these materials such as nut oils can have an adverse reaction when they come into contact with stainless steel and can result in unsightly discoloration of the end product, making plastic tubing a better choice for these materials. The Clearvey Systems eliminate these adverse effects and are designed with the same efficient, easy to clean, and gentle handling features as stainless-steel systems. Another benefit is that the clear tubes allow for visual observation of the product’s movement and condition throughout the system, helping to identify any possible system issues as early as possible.

All Cablevey tubular drag conveyors are designed to minimize product accumulation and contamination and are suitable for food-grade applications.

For information about the hygienic features, options, and design that Spiroflow now offers in partnership with Cablevey, click here.