Cover Story
Local Market Insights
- A Tale of Four Cities
Let us take you on personal tours of four popular retailers in four major U.S. cities.
- Denver
- Los Angeles
- Chicago
- Austin

Winter Confections
- ‘Tis the Season … for Shopping
Read up on the latest sales figures as well as purchasing and merchandising trends for wintertime confections. Then check out new and interesting products from industry leaders such as Just Born, Madelaine, Spangler and Pure Fun.
- Products on Parade

Snack Trends
- Meat Snacks Go Mainstream
Today's meat snacks target a different consumer than in years gone by. Introductions from major brands and manufacturers now come in unique sizes, packages and flavors.

All Candy Expo
- Sweets & Snacks to Spring up in Chicago
You don't want to miss the upcoming All Candy Expo, to be held May 20-22 in Chicago. There, exhibitors will feature the items included in this month's pre-show coverage ... and many more.

Editor's Note
- Cella's and Tootsie Rolls...

News & Trends
- America's Next Pop Idol; SNICKERS Puts the Pedal to the Medal...
- People

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