Hershey Snack Line
The Hershey Co.
Booth 1141
(717) 534-4200
Hershey roars into the snack market in a big way with the introduction of several new snack products. Sweet & Salty Granola Bars are available in three flavors: Hershey’s with Pretzels, Reese’s with Chocolate and Reese’s with Peanut Butter. All three also contain peanuts, oats and crisp rice. Reese’s with Peanut Butter has a peanut butter coating; Hershey’s with Pretzels and Reese’s with Chocolate are dipped in a milk chocolate coating. Package sizes include a 7.2-ounce take home carton with six 1.2-ounce bars and 1.8-ounce single serve bars available in Hershey’s with Pretzels and Reese’s with Peanut Butter.
In addition, Hershey debuts Snacksters, an indulgent, 100-Calorie portion control snack mix in two flavors. Hershey’s Snacksters has cereal puffs, chocolate chip cookies and semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips. Reese’s Snacksters has cereal puffs, peanut butter chips, cereal squares and Reese’s Pieces. They come in a take-home carton with seven small bags.
Dolcetto Wafer Rolls
Fusion Gourmet Inc.
Booth 2523
(310) 532-8938
All natural Dolcetto Wafer Rolls in cappuccino, tiramisu and chocolate varieties are the newest product line from Fusion Gourmet. Wafer rolls have zero trans fat and boast elegant, vintage-style packaging.
The 14.1-ounce tin has a suggested retail price range of $5.99 to $6.99, ships six tins per case and 32 tins per shipper. The 4.4-ounce box’s suggested retail price range is $1.99 to $2.49.
Spicy and Hot Peanuts
Beer Nuts Inc.
Booth 2455
(800) 233-7688
Beer Nuts brand snacks introduces two new products, Spicy and Hot Peanuts and Bar Mix.
They are aimed at young adult and ethnic snackers. Both are packaged in beer cans, as is the company’s Original Peanuts, which was launched last year.
Trail Mixes
Diamond Foods
(209) 932-5639
Three new trail mixes from Diamond Foods’ Emerald brand are wholesome “fuel food” medleys. Emerald Breakfast Blend Trail Mix has glazed walnuts and almonds, apple chips, dried cranberries, yogurt raisins and granola clusters; Emerald Berry Blend Trail Mix boasts glazed walnuts, roasted peanuts, yogurt raisins, granola clusters and dried blueberries, strawberries and cranberries; Emerald Tropical Blend Trail Mix features glazed walnuts, cashews, granola clusters, shaved coconut, dried mango and pineapple.