Stixx – Take Home And Impulse Packs
Nestlé USA
(818) 549-5706
This new candy/cookie hybrid from Nestlé contains light and crispy wafer rolls filled with a smooth crème, sprinkled with crispy pieces and covered in either Nestlé Crunch, Butterfinger or a Crunch Dark coating. The take home package, available now, includes six wafer rolls; the impulse pack — slated to ship this spring — includes two wafer rolls. Because each wafer roll contains just 100 calories, the products allow for easy portion control, explains Nestlé spokeswoman Tricia Bowles. Display options include a floorstand for the six-Stixx take home package and countertop, sidekick and floorstand displays for the impulse pack.
Warheads Double Drops
Impact Confections
(719) 268-6100
This new Super Sour candy liquid comes in a unique two-chamber bottle complete with two droppers and two different liquid candy flavors. Kids have the option of enjoying one flavor at a time or both at the same time. There are three flavor combinations, including blue raspberry/green apple, watermelon/blue raspberry, and green apple/watermelon. Warheads Double Drops carry a suggested retail price of 99 cents and come in a 24-count display. This rollout marks the first addition to the Warheads line since Impact Confections acquired the brand in the middle of 2004.
Chuck E. Cheese Gummies
Taste of Nature
(310) 396-4433
The new Chuck E. Cheese Gummi Pizzas from Taste of Nature tap into the brand cachet of America’s most entertaining rodent! These pizza-shaped gummies come packaged in a 4-ounce peg bag packed in a 12-count case and a 5-ounce concession box in a  24-count case. A 96-count floor shipper will be available for the peg bags. There are currently more than 500 Chuck E. Cheese entertainment centers located in 48 states, and a whopping 98 percent of children recognize Chuck E. Cheese.
The Mallow Burger
Kandy Kastle
(858) 569-4101
The newest addition to Kandy Kastle’s novelty candy lineup, The Mallow Burger, duplicates the look of a real hamburger — complete with “burger,” “cheese” and “bun with sesame seeds” — all made of marshmallow. The new item has a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
FOOSH Energy Mints
Vroom Foods Inc.
(800) 553-8814
FOOSH “seriously caffeinated” Energy Mints come in six-count blister packs and 12-count tins. In addition to a caffeine content comparable to that of one cup of coffee, each FOOSH Mint also is fortified with B vitamins, ginseng and taurine. Each peppermint-flavored mint contains five calories. The mints are targeted to those seeking an energy burst without the hassles of a hot or cold beverage.
Jones Soda Carbonated Candy
Big Sky Brands
(416) 599-5415
The popular alternative soft drink brand, Jones Soda, has been extended into the candy category courtesy of a licensing agreement between Jones Soda Co. and Big Sky Brands.
The new carbonated candy will come in the three top-selling Jones flavors — Fufu Berry, Green Apple and Berry Lemonade. The candy is packaged in tins with a suggested retail price range of $1.69 - $1.99.
Merchandising options will include eight-count trays, three-tier, 24-count mixed counter displays, 120-count mixed floor displays, power wings and clip strips.  
PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche
Hershey Foods
(717) 534-5465
The new PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche Bar, available now to vending consumers, is a combination of sweet caramel and crunchy peanuts covered in a rich, chocolatey coating. The product’s launch is supported by an integrated marketing plan.
Doublemint Twins
Mints and More
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
(312) 645-3457
Wrigley has extended its 90-year-old Doublemint brand with the launch of Doublemint Twins Mints. Two flavors are offered — Wintercreme and Mintcreme, both a blend of mild mint flavors with a crème.
Among Wrigley’s other rollouts this spring are two new Eclipse extensions — Cinnamon Inferno and Midnight Cool gums.
Survivor Chick Chocolate
Chick Chocolates
(800) 334-3600
The newest variety of Chick Chocolate is Survivor Chick, created to help raise funds and awareness of breast cancer and other women’s cancers. The new product is white chocolate with raspberries coated in dark chocolate, and comes with three individually wrapped pieces per box. Survivor Chick is prepackaged in a 24-count case with display box and has a suggested retail price of $1.99 to $2.50. The company is donating 100 percent of profits from Survivor Chick to support organizations that seek to find cures and provide help to victims of women’s cancers.
New Marshmallow Shippers
Van Damme Confectionery
(908) 281-5140
To support the distribution of its products in a wider variety of trade channels, Van Damme has developed a new, vividly colored display shipper. Each shipper holds 75 bags of 3.53-ounce products — either Marshmallow Twists (twisted marshmallow strands) and Marshmallow Jammies (marshmallows filled with strawberry gel) or a combination of Twists and Jammies. As another option, the shipper can hold 45 bags of 7.05-ounce Marshmallow Fries.
Chocolate Eggs in Carton
Madelaine Chocolate Novelties
(718) 945-1500
Madelaine’s solid milk chocolate Easter eggs are now available in an acetate carton that simulates the look of the real thing. The carton contains a dozen eggs, each wrapped in Easter-colored foils. The cartons are sealed with a decorative yellow and purple wrap and delivered in clear displayers, packed 12 cartons per display, four displays per case.
Honey Roasted Peanut Roca
Brown & Haley
(253) 620-3000
New Honey Roasted Peanut Roca comes as a single-serve SKU, in stand-up bags, and in a specialty canister. The 1.26-ounce, 3-piece pack has a suggested retail price of 99 cents. The 5.8-ounce stand-up bag retails for $2.99 to $3.49, and the 4.6-ounce specialty canister has a suggested retail price of $3.99 to $4.99.
New Smarties Items
CeDe Candy
(908) 964-0660
Mega Smarties Sweet and Sour Gummies mix up the candy experience. This new roll-pack features fruit-flavored, sugar-coated, pastel-colored gummies with a creamy texture in a 1-ounce, “mega” pack. The suggested retail price is 50 cents.
Bubblegum Smarties are a bubblegum version of the original Smarties. They are available in 5.5-ounce and 11-ounce bags, with suggested retail prices of $1.39 and $2.49, respectively.
Simpsons’ Fruit Snacks
Taste of Nature
(310) 396-4433
These new mixed fruit snacks from Taste of Nature are made with real fruit juices, offering 100 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. Each bag of the fruit-shaped snacks contains six flavors — strawberry, grape, cherry, green apple, orange and lemon. The new Simpsons’ Fruit Snacks come in .9-ounce, 2.25-ounce and 5-ounce package sizes.
“The Simpsons” is the longest-running prime-time television show ever; it’s now in its 17th season and appeals to a broad demographic group of viewers, but particularly six- to 34-year-olds.  
New P-Nuttles Pack Size
Adams & Brooks
(213) 749-3226
P-Nuttles Original Butter Toffee Peanuts come in a new size, an 8-ounce stand-up bag. P-Nuttles pouches arrive in a 12-count case and are available in shippers and clip strips. A suggested retail price of $1.49 makes these nutty, crunchy snacks appealing to all classes of trade.
Spring Blooms
Chocolate-Covered Fruits
Cape Cod Provisions
(508) 564-5840
Marketers at Cape Cod Provisions are thinking spring. The company has developed gable-top boxes adorned with images of tulips and filled them with two of its popular chocolate-covered fruits. Spring Blooms Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries and Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries are packed 12 10-ounce boxes to a case.
New Brands for Blueberry Hill Foods
Blueberry Hill Foods has embarked on several new product ventures, rolling out vitamin-enriched jellybeans, gummies and jellies under the brand names Crayola, Build a Bear Workshop, and Frubear.
The Crayola line will be available in peg bags and laydown bags with sizes ranging from 8 ounces and 14 ounces for jelly beans; 10 ounces and 16 ounces for mini fruit slices; 7-ounce Fruitrageous gummy bears/worms; 7-ounce Sour Wowerz gummy bears/worms; and 16-ounce Rainbow Fruitrageous Lollipops. The suggested retail prices are $1.50 or 2/$3 for peg bags and $1.99 for laydown bags.
The Build a Bear Workshop line is offered in 7-ounce gummy bear peg bags, 4-ounce theater boxes, and 7-ounce Beary Ju Ju Hearts in peg bags. The suggested retail price is $1.50 or 2/$3.
Finally, the company’s Frubear line of gourmet gummies features 7-ounce peg bags of mini gummy bears with a suggested retail price of $1.50 or 2/$3.
The new items, which are marketed under Blueberry Hill’s Simply Smart banner, are made with real fruit juice and enriched with vitamins A, C and E.
Blueberry Hill Foods (214) 618-7975