A New Tool for Battling Bad Breath

About five years ago, Los Angeles-based comedic actor Eddy Rubin came up with a wacky idea — a line of breath fresheners called Wrench Mints.
Admittedly, the idea was a bit far out, but he liked that about it. “It was so far-fetched that I knew no one else would ever do it,” Rubin reflects.
In 2004, Rubin found funding for his product concept, and today the mints are carving out a niche in hardware and automotive stores as well as in cigar and tobacco shops.
Rubin introduced the mints to candy buyers at the recent All Candy Expo, and he reports that the response was positive. Based on that response, he expects Wrench Mints sales to reach the $1 million mark in the very near future.
The mints are wrench-shaped and come packaged in a .45-ounce metal tin, which features the tag line, “When your breath is broke, fix it with Wrench Mints.” The mints have a suggested retail price of $1.99. The company packages them in a counter-top box display and also offers a wire rack fixture.
Rubin reports that he’s also had success in private labeling the mints for clients including automotive companies and is convinced that the private label market will allow him to strengthen the branded business because he mandates that the packaging include the Wrench Mints brand moniker as well as the Web site, www.wrenchmints.com.
Wrench Mints