Deux, known for its vegan and gluten-free treats using ingredients consumers don't have to Google, is going national with Whole Foods Market stores. Three flavors of its Donut Holes will now be available in the retailer’s refrigerated section for an on-the-go treat option. 

Like the brand’s cookie dough, Deux doughnut holes were crafted to remove refined sugar, preservatives, and animal byproducts, and add in functional ingredients like L-Theanine and B12—all while maintaining the same flavor and texture of their traditional counterparts.

“Deux's launch in select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide represents an exciting addition to our lineup of premium offerings,” said Nicole West, principal category merchant for dairy at Whole Foods Market. “Deux's Donut Holes are packed with flavor and are the perfect option for our discerning shoppers seeking wholesome indulgences. We look forward to showcasing additional Deux products on our shelves.”

Select Whole Foods Market stores will carry three Donut Hole flavors:

  • Chocolate Glaze—Rich, chocolate cake coated in chocolate icing.
  • Classic Glaze—Similar to "Munchkins."
  • Cinnamon Sugar—These sweet cinnamon doughnuts were specially crafted to pair perfectly consumers' morning coffees.

All flavors contain up to 41% less sugar than traditional doughnut holes and zero processed ingredients. Plus, the addition of B12 and L-Theanine reportedly supports steady energy, focus, and metabolism, adding a functional nutritional element.

Deux CEO and Founder Sabeena Ladha cannot wait to bring the brand to select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. She shares, “We are thrilled to expand our fastest-growing product line and retail footprint with such an innovative retailer like Whole Foods Market.” Ladha is also excited to display the product’s packaging redesign—a bright, vibrant, resealable bag made to stand out on shelf. 

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