For more than 150 years, Terre Haute, Ind.-based Clabber Girl has provided quality ingredients designed to enhance the food experience.

Producing a broad range of ingredients, specialty dry mixes and custom-leavening systems, Clabber Girl Corp., the leading manufacturer of baking powder in the nation, is a primary source of chemical leavening systems and other baking essentials for commercial bakeries. A long-time leader in the food industry, Clabber Girl continues to innovate and find solutions for the consumer.

Today, the food scientists at Clabber Girl introduced a unique system of encapsulated technology, the InnovaPhase line of products. This new line, offered exclusively by Clabber Girl and their ingredient distributors, includes InnovaBake, InnovaYield and InnovaFresh. Using a proprietary multi-stage encapsulated technology, designed for commercial bakery operations, the InnovaPhase line can improve a product’s shelf life, increase its yield and enhance the stability of finished goods, thus saving the customer thousands of dollars.  

Encapsulation has long been used by other industries to create capsules that can deliver time-released ingredients in a controlled manner. With its micro-encapsulation, this patented, multi-phase technology delivers control, consistency and stability of both the baking process and the finished product. Using InnovaPhase, bakers will realize an improved appearance and excellent crumb texture as well as lower waste, reduced raw material costs and greater profits.

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