Read about the latest ingredient solutions designed to reduce sodium, remove moisture and provide cleaner labels, and more in many of today’s snacks and baked goods.

Caravan Ingredients launched Invisible Goodness Muffin Mix, which is an all-inclusive, natural muffin mix made with whole wheat flour. The muffin mix contains a good source of fiber, no trans fat or hydrogenated fat per serving. Additionally, the mix qualifies for the basic Whole Grain Stamp.
Caravan Ingredients
Lenexa, Kan.

Advanced Food Systems developed several ingredients that improve the cohesion, texture and taste in hand-held foods. For example,Actobind3900 binds water in products such as filled crepes, preventing the stuffing from “blowing out” during cooking and eating.Actobind3924 provides freeze-thaw and emulsion stability in fillings, whileActobindEPS improves tortilla texture and machinability in taquitos.Advanced Food Systems, Inc.
Somerset, N.J.

Bon Vivant International launchedNutraSalt 66, which enables substantial sodium reduction without altering food flavor profiles.NutraSalt66 is a clean-label product that offers a balance of sodium and potassium in ratios recommended by the Institute of Medicine. Additionally, it features 66% less sodium than common table salt and was designed to provide a revolutionary alternative for food manufacturers, foodservice professionals and healthcare practitioners looking to meet the needs of sodium-conscious consumers.
Bon Vivant International, LLC
Edgewater, N.J.

Make your food products sweet and complete by adding freeze-dried cherries from Van Drunen Farms. Freeze-drying removes the moisture from the fruit while preserving the natural flavor, color and nutritional value. Sweet cherries provide versatility that goes with about anything and are good source of Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. This cherry variety is sourced in the United States and European Union, which allows for year-round availability. They can be used in snacks, granola bars, breads and muffins, and they come in such sizes as whole, sliced, diced and powder form.
Van Drunen Farms
Momence, Ill.

The Wright Group’s line ofWrightMadebakery ingredients, custom nutrient premixes andSuperCoatOmega-3 products are designed for various applications. For instance,WrightSoft extenders are designed for use in commercial applications that offer a cost-effective concentrated compared to other emulsifiers. And by using a bromate-free proprietary formulation,WrightDough conditioners deliver increased volume and improved crumb texture. Wright also offersWrise, a multi-functional, microencapsulated leavening system for use in doughs and dry bakery mixes that doesn’t react until exposed to oven heat.    
The Wright Group
Crowley, La.

Brolite’s natural dough conditioner works well in all yeast-raised products. Made in a controlled fermentation process from all-natural ingredients, it provides excellent conditioning properties while also providing a clean label. Additionally, the conditioner naturally adds dough strength and can extend shelf life.
Streamwood, Ill.

Arla Foods Ingredients’ Nutrilac BK-7900 egg replacement, which is a whey protein-based ingredient, can save up to 30% on liquid egg costs for sponge cake manufacturers. It contributes to a stable cake batter, leading to low batter density and can reduce or entirely replace eggs in a typical sponge recipe with no pre-blending or cooling required. Additionally, Nutrilac holds a 21-day shelf life while maintaining the texture and moisture of a 100% egg equivalent.
Arla Foods Ingredients
Basking Ridge, N.J.

Virginia Dare created a line of innovative oil soluble flavors for chocolate and compound coatings such as Pomegranate, Green Apple, Tea, Mojito, Cappuccino and Sauterne. Inspired from coffee, spirit and wine beverages, these flavors can be used to flavor white, milk and dark chocolate.
Virginia Dare
Brooklyn, N.Y.

TIC Gums expanded its TicaPAN line of ingredients to include TicaPAN Quick Crunch, which is a binder for sugar and sugar alcohol syrups used in confection coating and panning to create crunchy outer shells. Designed to replace gum arabic, TicaPAN Quick Crunch has comparable binding and viscosity properties and dries faster than gum arabic. TicaPAN Quick Crunch also is used as a drop-in replacement for gum arabic at a usage level between 2-4% of the syrup recipe.
TIC Gums
White Marsh, Md.

Almonds bring the perfect balance to any meal and people are eating them right up. In fact, research shows that about 80% of consumers believe a product with almonds is more interesting and is better nutritionally, too. And when you formulate with almonds, you’re in good company - in 2008*, almonds became the No. 1 nut introduced globally. So go ahead and serve up some extra appeal, just make sure almonds are in. *Consumer AAU Study, Sterling-Rice Group, 2009. Mintel Global New Products Database and Sterling-Rice Group, Global New Product Introductions Report, 2008.
Almond Board of California
Modesto, Calif.

*Photo courtesy of Caravan Ingredients