As part of the Care4Urange of natural protective solutions, newNatamax Bfrom Danisco gives bakers a naturally derived antimicrobial that inhibits yeast and mold and extends shelf life. UsingNatamax B allows bakers to replace in-dough antimicrobials such as calcium propionate, which are known to adversely affect flavor. WithNatamax B, baked goods are produced with a clean flavor.

The key toNatamax B’seffectiveness is its application and adherence to the surface of the product. Sprayed on baked goods immediately after baking, it does not migrate into the product. As a result, natamycin stays on the surface where mold grows and where it will be most effective.Natamax Bcontrols and delays mold and yeast growth and protects baked goods allowing several days of additional shelf life.

Unlike most preservatives,Natamax Bis effective at low concentrations and active over a wide pH range (3 to 9). BecauseNatamax B is used at very low levels (7 to 20 parts per million), the cost-in-use may be comparable to synthetic preservatives and significantly lower than other natural inhibitors.

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Editor’s Note: Danisco USA, headquartered in New Century, Mo., provided information for this article.