Check out this assortment of new ingredient solutions sure to expand and challenge nearly anyone’s taste palate.

J.R. Short introduces a low-expansion tortilla pellet that can be produced as a micro pellet for pressure puffing. The unique crinkle shape, formulated with 100% whole grain, delivers the texture consumers expect from traditional, higher fat content tortilla chips. The pellets also come in a medium-range expansion that can be air popped, lowering the fat.  
J.R. Short 
Kankakee, Ill. 

Kemin introduces GT-FORT, a natural flavor that can be used as an alternative to synthetic antioxidants and tocopherols commonly used in frying oils. GT-FORT is a green tea-based, water-soluble liquid extract that is oil dispersible and effectively slows the deterioration of frying oil, reducing oxidative rancidity even at high temperatures. The unique multi-stage extraction process used to manufacture GT-FORT maximizes the polyphenols, which provide effective antioxidant properties, and delay oxidation in a variety of fried food applications.
Kemin Food Technologies, division of Kemin Industries 
Des Moines, Iowa 

Walnuts add great taste, mouthfeel and nutrition to any product. In fact, 76% of consumers indicate they will purchase a food product because the label says it contains walnuts, according to the California Walnut Commission. Just 1 oz. is an excellent source of ALA, the plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid. Walnuts also provide 4 g. of protein, 2 g. of fiber and many antioxidants. Walnuts can add value to many bakery items. 
California Walnut Commission 
Folsom, Calif. 

Thymly introduces #1 Perfection, a dough conditioner created to replace harsh chemicals for a cleaner-label product. The all-natural enzyme conditioner is a balanced combination of wholesome, free-flowing ingredients with a high degree of uniformity. #1 Perfection eliminates bitter off-notes for improved taste, says the company, and strengthens dough for dependable and resilient performance. It also reduces the need to adjust formulas and is a cost-effective way to diminish chemicals. 
Thymly Products Inc. 
Colora, Md. 

Cargill launchesFlakeSelect,a product line that helps food manufacturers reduce sodium in baked goods, snacks and processed foods or reformulate with sea salt while maintaining a salt taste. The line comes inFlakeSelectKcl (potassium chloride),FlakeSelect Kcl/Salt,FlakeSelect KCl/Sea Salt andFlakeSelectSea Salt.FlakeSelect shows better adherence for topical applications and can be customized based on a customer’s needs. 
Cargill, Inc. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Comax Flavors offers an authentic line of flavors inspired by traditional Hispanic cuisine. Covering everything from sweet to spicy, the host of flavors includes mango, papaya, passion fruit, lime, guanabana (a mixture of strawberry and pineapple with an underlying creaminess of coconut or banana), Acerola (also known as the Barbados cherry) and Lulo (a blend of rhubarb and lime to offer a citrus twist). On the spicier side, Comax supplies chipotle pepper, jalapeño, Mexican spice, taco spice, sangria, avocado, Mexican vanilla, Sofrito (a sauté of onion, garlic, oregano, cumin, bell peppers and tomatoes), Chamoy (a combination of salt, sweetness and heat infused in apricot) and Cajeta (a Mexican confection of thickened syrup made of sweetened caramelized milk).  
Comax Flavors 
Melville, N.Y. 

*Photo courtesy of Cargill, Inc.