Once again, Tortilla Industry Association is holding its Tech Seminar from June 4-5 in Anaheim, Calif.

This year’s two-day Tech Seminar was developed to meet the industry’s needs at a critical time, according to the association.

At the seminar, speakers will explore latest on ingredients science, equipment maintenance and safety, including a recent change in workmen’s comp laws that could pose serious consequences on members’ businesses. Additionally, there will be a tabletop reception. In addition, TIA notes attendees will make three field trips to see equipment and production in action.

To determine what members were most interested in, TIA sent an e-mail survey to nearly 1,000 recipients asking for their suggestions on what topics would be most useful for them to have covered in the Tech Seminar. As a result of members’ feedback, TIA built the agenda for this year’s program.

Online registration is www.tortilla-info.com.