After two years under shared leadership with BEMA, the American Society of Baking has begun accepting applications for a full-time executive director.

The society formed a search committee on April 23 for the purpose of accepting and reviewing applications for the new position. The committee then plans to submit those names to the chairman and executive committee for further instructions. Although no deadline has been set for applications at this time, ASB hopes to name an executive director by the fall of 2010.

Since 2008, Kerwin Brown, the president and CEO of BEMA, the bakery equipment manufacturers and allieds organization, has led ASB in a part-time role.

“Kerwin has provided invaluable leadership during these past two years,” notes Rowdy Brixey, ASB’s current chairman. “BEMA was there for us when we needed them most.”

During its BakingTech 2010 conference in March, ASB formed a subcommittee to review whether the society should continue being led with shared leadership or whether it needed a full-time executive director. After the subcommittee recommended a full-time leadership position, it has since then developed a job description for ASB’s search committee.

“Filling this position with the right executive will allow ASB to continue ‘nourishing for generations,’ which is our theme for BakingTech 2011,” Brixey says.

Go to for more information on how to apply for the position.