At this year's IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Wixon Inc. will showcase “Apps for Every Flavor Situation,” which delivers flavor systems applications (apps) for every meal of the day and a solution for every flavor situation.

Wixon Inc. is set to showcase its talent for translating the latest trends into food at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo July 17-20 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Wixon’s “Apps for Every Flavor Situation” delivers flavor systems applications (apps) for every meal of the day and a solution for every flavor situation.

“Wixon is looking forward to showcasing its menu of unique offerings, including innovative flavor profiles and healthy snacks delivered in the latest in trends at IFT,” says Chuck Ehemann, executive vice president. “From new product development to consumer insights, we continually have our pulse on the best in food and flavor systems.”

Attendees can swing by the Chef Center and enjoy gourmet specialties designed by Wixon’s corporate chef, Judson McLester. Chef Jud will craft Antojitos, which is a Mexican-inspired dish that consists of grilled flatbread layered with shredded hickory-smoked mole seasoned cabbage, Orange Goji Berry Vinaigrette and Aji Amarillo Annatto marinated chicken. The vinaigrette is developed withMag-nifiqueSour-Away,Mag-nifiqueSweet Lift for a synergetic effect with sugar that enhances perceived sweetness and Wixon’s Garam Masala seasoning. 
At its Snack Station, the St. Francis, Wis.-based ingredient supplier will showcase some of its tastiest snack sensations that are low in sodium and sugar with the incorporation ofKCLean Salt andMag-nifiqueSweet Lift technologies, which are developed by Leda Strand, director of technology applications and industrial ingredients, and Jill Sonntag, senior food technologist.
For instance, the BBQ Baby Back Ribs potato chips are made with honey, sugar and tomato combined with the zest of Worcestershire, smoke and chili peppers and deliver 34% less sugar and 38% less sodium. 
French Toast Corn Puffs feature a medley of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and maple combined with butter and white and brown sugars. Sweet Lift reduces the sugar content by 43%. 
Featuring a 24% reduction in sodium, the Cheeseburger potato chips made withKCLeanSalt blend beef, cheese, onion, dill pickle, tomato and mustard. 
Meanwhile, the Sweet Potato Pie chips infuse brown and white sugar with vanilla, marshmallow, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cloves to offer a 51% reduction in sugar.
At the Wixon counter, attendees also can taste dishes prepared by Chef Jud and Ron Ratz, Wixon’s director of protein development. For instance, the Breakfast Egg and Cheese Sausage Snack Stick is an on-the-go meal that is made with real eggs that you can actually see in the stick.