Demonstrating its passion about pretzels and snack foods while caring for the environment, Snyder’s of Hanover built a solar farm, which is the largest, ground-based solar energy system in Pennsylvania with more than 16,000 panels spanning 20 acres.

After gaining approval from the Penn Township Planning and Zoning Board, Snyder’s of Hanover, Hanover, Pa., plans to start construction this month of a solar energy farm on a field across from the plant and corporate headquarters. 
“We’re incredibly eager to take the next step in reducing our carbon footprint,” says Jim Butt, vice president of technical services. “This is an exciting event for our company, community and environment.”

The new solar farm could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in excess of 230 million lb. of carbon dioxide over a 25-year period. By comparison, the energy to be created equals more than 111 million miles not driven by a medium-sized car and more than 11 million trees would need to be planted to equal the same level of carbon dioxide reduction.

“We are always looking for ways to be a greener and environmentally friendly company and the solar farm is an important step,” adds Carl E. Lee, Jr., president and CEO of Snyder’s of Hanover. “The solar field joins our other sustainability initiatives including compostable packaging and takes the company one step closer to achieving our five year sustainability goals established last year. It demonstrates that we can still be passionate about pretzels and better-for-you snack foods while caring for our environment.”