TheCorazonasline of snacks, including tortilla chips, potato chips and oatmeal squares, will now be made withCoroWise cholesterol-lowering plant sterols, which have demonstrated an ability to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol in numerous clinical studies. 

Corazonas snacks andCoroWisecholesterol reducers propose a new twist for 2011 as the two brands partner to lower cholesterol and help make it easy for consumers to enjoy healthy snacking. Corazonas Foods, Los Angeles, producers of snacks infused with cholesterol-lowering plant sterols, celebrates 2011 with a partnership with Cargill’sCoroWiseby making its snacks using the plant sterols.

“People make healthy New Year’s resolutions every year, but a lot of times, especially when it comes to diet, they wind up feeling deprived, frustrated and end up abandoning their resolutions,” says Ramona Cappello, founder of Corazonas Foods. “We want consumers to know they have options, and support them in setting goals they can actually keep this year: To make smart food choices and resolve to enjoy snacking again. Along with our new partnership with theCoroWisebrand, we’re excited to give people trying to manage cholesterol some truly delicious snack options that may help lower cholesterol with clinically-proven ingredients.”

The company says that its tortilla chips, potato chips and oatmeal squares will now be made exclusively withCoroWise,which have demonstrated an ability to decrease “bad” (LDL) cholesterol in numerous clinical studies. The amount of plant sterols in eachCorazonassnack will remain unchanged, with 0.4 g. per ounce (one serving) of potato or tortilla chips and 0.8 g. in each oatmeal square. The Food and Drug Administration-authorized health claim currently recommends consumption of at least 0.4 g. of plant sterols twice a day to start seeing cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Updated packages displaying theCoroWise brand logo are already hitting store shelves.