The Wheat Foods Council is staging its second Urban Wheat Field event in Washington, D.C., Sept. 23-24, to promote food literacy via farm-to-fork wheat education.

The Parker, Colo.-based organization will create an actual, live wheat field on the streets of the nation’s capital at 3rd Street and Maryland Avenue S.W. for city dwellers and key congressional staff members.

The event will include live baking demonstrations with ConAgra Mills-certified master baker Manfred Schmidtke, a recreated grocery store aisle featuring all-wheat foods, dietitian presentations on deciphering nutrition facts labels, proper serving sizes and whole versus enriched grain nutrition and mills from ADM Milling Co. and Con Agra Mills as well as hand grinders donated by South Dakota Wheat Commission. 

Designed to strengthen the understanding of a food’s nutrition and lineage by enabling people to experience the process by which a kernel of wheat becomes a wheat food, the program will include experts in wheat agriculture, milling, baking and nutrition, guiding visitors through each phase of the grain’s life cycle and engaging them in hands-on activities and demonstrations.

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