To help drive consumer understanding forward, Puratos introduces its Sensobus mobile laboratory concept to the United States. The lab earlier crossed the European continent in order to chart consumer preferences and now, is hitting American soil.

Puratos, Cherry Hill, N.J., introduces the Sensobus, a mobile sensory laboratory that conducts tailor-made sensory analysis projects. The Sensobus collects data from consumers in pre-defined locations, such as grocery stores.

The spacious mobile sensory laboratory offers a comfortable environment for consumers to share opinions about their food preferences. Around 300 consumers can take part in food research per day.

Consumers sit at one of the eight sensory-tasted booths and taste-test a selection of bakery, patisserie or chocolate prototypes.

They will then be asked questions such as, “Does the product look appetizing,” “Which bread do you prefer,” and “How much would you pay for this chocolate cake?” The answers are used to calculate a data mapping to indicate consumer preference. In combination with a mapping of the product characteristics, Puratos can precisely determine and explain which products best match consumer expectations to ensure that customers’ new product launches are a hit.