Workshops on sustainability challenges, such as enviro-design, renewable energy, green product innovations and sourcing will be highlighted at the Sustainability Summit, co-hosted by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

More than two dozen workshops focusing on key sustainability hurdles, ranging from environmental design and renewable energy to corporate communications, green product innovations and sustainable sourcing, will be highlighted at the Sustainability Summit, Dec. 6-9, in Arlington, Va. The summit marks the first time the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), working together as the Trading Partner Alliance, will co-host the event.

“We are bringing the consumer packaged goods industry together to provide retailers and manufacturers with a roadmap for building successful and sustainable businesses,” explains Jeanne von Zastrow, senior director of industry relations and sustainability for FMI, based in Arlington, Va. “No one single company can do it alone. It will take collaborative, innovative partnerships to succeed and realize the benefits of being a sustainable business.” 

Along with retailers and manufacturers, the summit also will pair government officials and advocacy groups together, as the event seeks to identify model practices and uncover findings from all stakeholders that will accelerate the adoption of environmentally and socially responsible business practices for consumer packaged goods.

“Applying sustainable solutions across all facets of our business while continuing to deliver products that enhance consumers’ lives is a top priority for GMA and its members,” states Brooke Weizmann, senior manager, sustainability for GMA, headquartered in Washington, D.C. “The Sustainability Summit will give companies new tools for incorporating sustainability into their strategic business planning and help align the industry around common sustainability principles.”

The summit will feature a diverse slate of speakers, such as Mintel’s Lynn Dornblaser, editor of New Product News, who will provide a visual tour of some of the newest, most innovative “green” products, while Catalina Marketing and The Hartman Group will partner to present “Elusive Consumers: Understanding the Issues, Generational Shoppers, Attitudes vs. Actions and Developing Your Marketing Sustainability Playbook.” This presentation will spotlight consumers views of sustainability marketing and behaviors related to green and socially responsible products, a panel discussion covering game-changing companies and how innovation will help feed the world; will engage the audience as to how to ensure a sustainable food supply as the world population approaches 9 billion.

Aron Cramer, president and CEO of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) will present a new study entitled, “Sustainable Consumption - A New Frontier in Sustainability--What Is Our Role?” Cramer will share how sustainability can and should be thought of as a way to create opportunities and a competitive advantage, not solely as a way to mitigate risk.

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