TheFood Channel predicts this year's Top 10 dessert trends, from the evolution of the ever popular cupcake to the growing raw food movement.

By partnering withCultureWaves, Springfield, Mo., the International Food Futurists (a group of foodies) and Chicago-based Mintel International, theFood Channelhas been able to identify the most significant food trends in dessert for 2011, from the evolution of the ever popular cupcake to the new raw food movement.

One thing became clear in the research, says Kay Logsdon, editor of theFood Channel. “We see society trending toward a more casual-and less stuffy-lifestyle. On one hand, we demand less processed foods and cleaner labels, but we still allow ourselves to indulge in sweet little rewards that get us through the day. Our tastes are evolving and are becoming more educated.”

Logsdon says her group took a look at how people are consuming dessert and came up with the following Top 10 dessert trends:

1. The cupcake movement is more around its evolution than its dissolution.
2.  Sweet, heat, salty and tart-desserts don’t always have to be sugary sweet.
3.  Wedding cake off the guest list-an overall trend toward a more casual and less stuffy lifestyle.
4.  Behold the power of protein-people are looking for more than a sugar buzz from desserts today.
5.  Desserts for grownups-the maturing of America’s sweet tooth
6.  Whole grains and no grains-a food trend that’s all about health.
7.  Desserts in the raw-the demand for foods, desserts included, that are far less processed.
8.   A touch of sweetness all day long-sweet little rewards that help get us through the day.
9.   A hint of floral-subtle hints of floral have begun to sprout up in the dessert category.
10.  Dessert theatrics-enjoying a little tableside theater when we’re enjoying a nice restaurant dinner.
11.  (Bonus)The end of sharing-going in with the same spoon for bite after bite has gotten old.

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