Company:Bridor Inc., Quebec, Canada
Web site:
Distribution: Florida and online
Suggested Retail:$5.99 for a 1.6-oz. bag of Fusettes and Cereal rolls and 2.2-oz. bag of Croissants
Product Snapshot: Bridor’s ready-to-bake bread and pastry line was created in collaboration with Jean-Louis Clément, a French baker. Using original French additive-free flour and pre-baked in a stone oven, this assortment of bakery products bakes in only 10 minutes. The lineup includes Fusette and Cereal rolls and Chocolate Croissants.
Ingredients (Multigrain Cereals Rolls): Wheat flour, water, sourdough, grains and seeds (sesame seeds, brown flax  seeds, malted wheat flakes, wheat germ), salt, yeast, malt flour.