Company:Medora Snacks, LLC, Rockville Centre, N.Y.
Web site:
Introduced: February
Distribution:East and Southeast
Suggested Retail: 99 cents for a 1.5-oz. bag, $1.99 for a 3-oz bag; $3.49 for a 6-oz. bag
Product Snapshot: Made with real corn, extra virgin olive oil and natural ingredients, these non-trans-fat chips deliver a unique blend of popped corn and tortilla chips.Corners are available in Sea Salt, Zesty Ranch and Nacho Cheese varieties.
Ingredients (Zesty Ranch): Yellow corn, seasoning (buttermilk powder, sea salt, maltodextrin, onion powder, tomato powder, autolyzed yeast, garlic powder, dehydrated cane juice, vinegar powder [white distilled vinegar, maltodextrin], natural flavors [paprika, parsley, extractives of turmeric, basil, spices], citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid), sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil.