Train all Employees Affordably

by Kerry Scott
Publication Coordinator
American Institute of Baking
When it’s time to train your employees, who are the last in line?  Certainly not plant managers and supervisors. No, in most food plants the last employees to receive training are line workers and hourly personnel. Companies simply do not have the funds necessary to provide extensive training for all of their employees. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were a way to provide basic training to all employees at a cost-effective rate?
Now there is! The American Institute of Baking, an established leader in food safety training, has a solution to the demand for affordable training. Food Safety Essentials is an online training program designed to thoroughly present the basics of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and all other aspects of food safety.
The Food and Drug Administration’s Code of Federal Regulations requires employees in food processing facilities to participate in some sort of GMP training. However, it can be a nightmare trying to schedule time and budget dollars for training. Now, with an annual subscription rate your employees can be reached.
Food Safety Essentials is a self-paced, comprehensive and affordable training tool, sure to increase your employees’ understanding of food safety concepts. It can be used for pre-hiring screening and temporary-employee training, as well as an everyday refresher course for line workers. By paying the subscription rate, you are promised a thorough overview for your employees.
The benefits of this innovative training tool are endless. Not only does it meet GMP training requirements, but it also does so in a timely, efficient manner. In a matter of hours, new employees can be trained and ready to apply the concepts they’ve learned that same day. Thanks to the reader-friendly format, it is appropriate for all learning levels. It can be used as an introduction for employees new to the food industry, a guide for existing workers, and a review for everyone.
Because of its online format, Food Safety Essentials can be used at the demand of the customer. Managers no longer will have to allocate their personal time to train new employees and maintain training records.
Instead, this online tool allows students to work individually and at their own pace. They can access the program from work, home, libraries, learning centers, etc. Automatic administrative tools enable managers to check their employees’ progress with just a few mouse clicks.
Have we mentioned yet that this program is very cost-effective? Did you know that some companies charge up to $2,700 for Train the Trainer courses? Others may charge nearly $550 per person for basic GMP training. No facility ever could afford to send every employee to such training, nor would it be necessary. Fortunately, with the AIB Food Safety Essentials program, you can pay a yearly rate and train as many employees as you wish. With this program it is possible to thoroughly train employees as low as $10 per person. (Some prices may vary.) We guarantee that you will not find another product of this quality at such a low price.
There are a variety of topics included in this product. Employees complete whatever number of courses they choose. This allows managers to target specific training needs of their employees. Throughout the subscription period, AIB will continue to add new courses, increasing the program’s value.
If you are currently wasting too much time scheduling and budgeting training needs; if you are tired of recording and maintaining administrative training records; if your employees are not receiving the food safety training they require; or if you are just tired of looking for a training method that will meet all your needs, look no further. AIB believes that Food Safety Essentials is the online tool that will answer all of your questions, and more.
For more information, and to view a demo of AIB’s Food Safety Essentials, visit