Providing Steps to Automation
By Maria Pilar Clark
In October, Rondo Doge won the Südback trophy at the Südback Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, for its Rondo Modular Laminating Concept (Rondo MLC). Boasting an innovative modular laminating technology, the Rondo MLC is a novel concept for the baking industry because it provides a solution for the continuous production of dough bands and billets.
With a working width of 600 mm, the Rondo MLC can be integrated seamlessly into existing pastry lines. The system consists of six modular lines that are easily expanded to a fully automatic laminating line. Its control system also is modular, and new sections simply can be attached to existing ones, eliminating the need for system modifications or control system changes.
The Rondo MLC not only increases productivity, but also reduces production costs and lowers personnel requirements when compared to workers operating two sheeters. Because time-consuming operations such as weighing dough billets and slabs of fat are completely eliminated, the system improves product quality, producing homogeneous fat and dough layers.
Because of its modular design, the Rondo MLC can meet the demands of expanding businesses, while leaving options open for future production developments in terms of more economical and professional dough processing capabilities. 1-201-229-9700.

Quality In, Quality Out
A.C. Horn & Co. follows a philosophy that it must be a quality, customer-oriented operation in every aspect. It’s a simple philosophy, when faithfully followed even in the smallest business transaction, that achieves the most sought-after goal — the satisfied customer.
Over the years, the company’s thorough knowledge of the entire processing system has made it the single best resource to accurately assess and satisfy specific customer needs.
A.C. Horn’s exclusive and highly innovative “Stone-less” Masa Mill design has given it worldwide recognition. Customers are realizing that the benefits achieved with its “Stone-less” Masa Mill far outweigh the traditional ways of milling.
The system eliminates the need to dress stones periodically, and it is no longer a problem if a piece of debris (stone) reaches the grinding wheel since its new “Nicad” hardened discs will not break. A.C. Horn does away with the guesswork, as well as the operator’s objectivity; when the customer sets a specific grind, there is no need to readjust the mill to compensate for stone wear or the inability of the equipment to maintain the adjustment for a prolonged period of time.
A.C. Horn wants to give thanks to its customers, and the close collaboration that took to develop this highly precision piece of equipment.
The “Stone-Less” Masa Mill is available in three sizes — 18 in., 12 in. and 8 in. Should you have an interest in enhancing your existing masa production capabilities, please give A.C. Horn the opportunity to give you further details on its “Stone-Less” Masa Mill. 1-800-657-6155.