Innoseal Systems, Inc.
8041 Arrowridge Blvd., Suite I
Charlotte, NC 28273
Innoseal Systems, Inc. is a division of Twinseal Systems BV. Innoseal is the manufacturer of the InnoSeal Tamper-Evident Bag Closure System, currently distributed in 85 countries around the globe. In addition, Innoseal manufactures a complete line of specialty tapes, including PVC and custom printed, under the Profie’s Choice brand.
Innoseal Systems, Inc, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., manages the operation and distribution in all of the United States and South America. North of the border, Innoseal Canada LTD distributes within Canada from our facility in Aurora, Ontario.
 Innoseal Systems continues to grow their lines of Innovative Sealing Products and Systems. In 2006, Innoseal looks forward to expanding operations to the west coast.
 Protect Your Products from a Twisted World! Let the experts at Innoseal Systems show you how.
Natural Products, Inc.
2211 6th Ave.
Grinnell, IA 50112
Natural Products, Inc. in Grinnell, Iowa, turns whole non-GMO or certified organic soybeans into ingredients for the soyfoods, beverage, and bakery industries.
“We are much smaller and simpler than the big soy ingredient companies,” says Paul Lang, General Manager of NPI, “but our size lets us engage with food manufacturers in a way the big companies can’t. Our innovation strategy is to offer the market a stream of unique, cost-cutting ingredients.”
While the company’s core competency is dry milling, it looks all along the food production chain, “from seed to stomach.”
“Sometimes the answer is to look for a variety of soybean with a certain trait like flavor, oil, or protein content,” says Jon Stratford, NPI’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “Sometimes, we borrow a processing technology from another industry. Other times, we look at simply blending with other ingredients. At the end of the day, a new technology has to deliver unique, cost-effective ingredients, which above all have to meet the customer’s needs.”
In the last eleven years, NPI has developed and taken over twenty new ingredients to market. More recently, they have opened up new markets by blending their whole soy ingredients with other functional ingredients, creating unique “food systems.” These new ingredients are sold directly to industrial food manufacturers under the Scotsman’s Mill Ingredients brand name and, in some cases, manufactured for private label use.
Signature Brands, LLC
P.O. Box 279
Ocala, FL 34478
Kyle Stenzel, contract sales & mkt. mgr.
1-800-456-9573 ext. 270
Signature Brands offers more than 50 years of experience in high-quality dessert decorations for the food industry, and has earned a reputation as the No. 1 supplier of high-quality dessert decorations.
At Signature Brands, quality is vital. The company continually receives a “Superior” rating from the American Institute of Baking (AIB), and encourages its business partners to perform quality audits of its plant. Signature Brands’ commitment to quality is coupled with superior customer service, industry expertise, customized processes for each customer and competitive pricing, all of which build long-lasting relationships with its customers.
The company’s products are numerous, with many showcased on its Web site. In addition, Signature Brands specializes in custom colors and blends, and has a talented product-development team in place to help customers work with other sugar-based products.
Signature Brands’ wet pouching capabilities provide the opportunity to pouch icing, gel, syrup, chocolate compounds and other sugar-based products.