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Cover Story
- Cookie Masters
The cookie masters at Austin, Texas-based Chippery focus solely on making gourmet cookies and frozen dough for foodservice and fundraising distributors across the nation. See how this company has grown at a tremendous pace and how it expects to keep on that course in the future.

Bonus Snack Feature
- A Shot In The Arm
Jays Foods, Inc., and Lincoln Snacks Co. were looking for a jump-start in 2004, and newly formed Ubiquity Brands has given them the juice they’ve needed to turn potential into production.

   Technology & Development   
Ingredient Showcase
- Pizzey, Hazelnut Council and more...

Ingredient R&D
- Fiber Optics
The word is getting out to consumers that fiber is an excellent way to eat healthier and avoid a plethora of illnesses and ailments, and ingredient suppliers are responding by improving the quality of fiber as an inclusive element.

Cutting Edge
- Unifiller, Dorner and more...
- From The Floor
- Divide And Conquer

   The SFA Section   
Serving the International Snack Food Industry
- Nearly A Decade Later, Total Quality Management Returns
- President’s Letter
- Maximizing The Benefits Of Whole Grains
- Up And Down The Street
- Learn To Win In Indy At SFA Management Workshop

   Business & Marketing   
Editor’s Note
- A Class Of His Own
Dan Malovany honors Ray Lahvic, a truly legendary journalist who taught him the cardinal rules for covering the baking industry.

Business Trends & Analysis
- Bakery Groups Oppose Many Labeling Changes
Several bakery groups argue against possible changes to nutrition labeling and serving sizes, and consumers want everyone to stop telling them what to eat.
- Business Briefs
- People On The Move
- Bakers Need To Take Bread To Next Level

Market Watch
- Rainbow Coalition
Manufacturers of tortillas and tortilla chips have been able to stay on top of trends by changing the focus and identity of their products whenever consumer desires have changed.

New Products
- Wonder White Bread Fans 100% Whole-Grain Bread, Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Whole-Grain White Bread and more...
Take a sneak peek at what items snack and bakery manufacturers have in store for consumers, including TastyGraham pies and whole-wheat white bread.

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