March 2006

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2006 Snack
of The Year
Rebuilding The Kingdom

- Rebuilding The Kingdom
West Coast manufacturer Snak King has come a long way since its early days as a pork rinds producer. Under the entrepreneurial leadership of Chairman & CEO Barry Levin, the company has expanded to offer three brands of mostly Mexican-inspired snacks for the masses.
- Making The Best Of A Royal Mess
See how Snak King is turning disaster into opportunity, following a roof collapse at its City of Industry, Calif., factory.

Innovations in equipment
- It’s Grab-Bag Time
Portion-control, 100-calorie and single-serve bags have become the favored form of packaging for Americans, especially snack-savvy teens and on-thego consumers.
- Heat And Control’s, Smiths Heimann and more...

   Retail Channel Strategies   
focus on your customers
- Catering To Their Clientele
Signature desserts, samplers and healthier sweets are among the top requests from patrons of high-end hotels and resorts.
- Free At Last

   SFA Section   
On the Hill
- In SFA Victory, House Passes National Uniformity Bill

- Positioned For Success, But Involvement Is Key

SNACK FOOD Association
- Destination: Day In D.C.
- Focus On Natural Gas
- SFA President Promotes SNAXPO Participation
- Attacking A Growing Problem

market trends
- Pizza Pandemic
The frozen pizza aisle has a lot to offer, from innovative new toppings and thinner crusts to microwavable options and wheat varieties.

New Products
- Lender’s New York Style Bagels, Mrs Baird’s Whole Grain White Bread and more...

health bites
- Gauging Gluttony, Down-Under Wonder and more...

ingredient technology
- What’s Eating Filbert Grape?
- Natural Resources
- Tate & Lyle, Kerry Bio-Science and more...

   Business Strategies   
Editor’s Note
- Whizzing Away Profits

Trends & Analysis
- Whole-y Wars
Americans are under attack … by whole grain products, that is. Whole grain snacks and baked goods now dominate the marketplace, but are health-conscious consumers being duped by the labels?
- Business Briefs
- People

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