TeleSonic Packaging Corp.’s HD-17 Slide Bagger is designed to bag a wide variety of bakery products in tightly fitted packages, such as crusted rolls, pizza dough, hamburger and hot dog rolls, trayed goods and bagels. Constructed of stainless steel, the model can bag up to 1,800 pieces an hour. It has adjustable product guides and an adjustable, 110-volt, single-phase, stainless-steel stand.

Telesonic Packaging Corp.

Wilmington, Del.



A-B-C Packaging Machine’s Model 206 case packer enables packagers to run multiple package sizes and pack patterns and reduce their changeover downtime. The unit packs many styles of cartons, cans and semi-rigid containers, single and multipacks, into regular-slotted cases, half-slotted cases, half-slotted display cases or trays. An operator console with preprogrammed product and case/tray size options facilitates changeovers. For extreme product size changes, modules with locking handles provide simple, no-tools changeovers. The Model 206 packs up to 30 cases per minute, depending on the product and pack pattern.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

Tarpon Springs, Fla.



API Technologies Corp.’s Spectrum Sensor line of advanced thermal sensors can be used for high-moisture applications with continuous freeze/thaw cycles. The rugged temperature sensors are available in both ¼-in. outside diameter (OD) and 3/16-in. OD tube sizes and come in a variety of sensor curves and resistances, as well as in various cable lengths and terminations. They can be combined with clip sizes from 3/8 in. to 7/8 in. to create mountable sensors for measuring temperature on straight or bent tubing.

API Technologies Corp.

Orlando, Fla.



Designed to conform with safety integrity level (SIL) 1 and SIL 2 safety systems, Pfannenberg’s DS 10-SIL audible alarm sounder features an output of 110 decibels (dBA) sound pressure level (SPL). Enhancements for the SIL version include self-monitoring circuitry and fault-indicating contact closures to alert users of equipment failure or initiate machinery shutdown or lockout until corrective action can be taken. The DS 10-SIL includes full statistical data supporting conformity to SIL 1 and SIL 2 requirements, a menu of 32 unique alarm tones and the ability to remotely trigger up to four selected tones.

Pfannenberg Inc.

Lancaster, N.Y.



Piab’s electronic vacuum switch has a three-color (red, orange, green) LCD display that’s easy to read from a distance and shows both set and actual values for precise vacuum system monitoring. The switch also features two selectable PNP (sourcing) outputs (NO or NC) and is available with seven programmable units of vacuum. Other features include a key-lock mode to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes, an adjustable response time feature, an adjustable hysteresis and dual outputs.


Hingham, Mass.



Developed for high-speed bulk palletizing applications, Schneider Packaging Equipment’s robotic bulk palletizers are equipped with a Fanuc Robotics’ articulated arm robot to handle unstable bulk products at significant speeds. The systems can be fully automated with slipsheet or tiersheet dispensing, pallet dispensing, a product and pallet transport conveyor, stretch wrapping, labeling and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).

Schneider Packaging
Equipment Co. Inc.

Brewerton, N.Y.



Brute 9800 printer/applicator from Hunkar Packaging combines the flexibility of thermal-transfer printing with an assortment of label applicator options (tamp, tamp/blow, tilt-on and corner wrap). Based on an aircraft-quality, ½-in.-thick, anodized aluminum base plate, the unit handles high-speed applications of 140+ per minute and has a pivoting tamp arm for easy access. Available as a standalone printer/applicator or integrated with a product conveying systems, the Brute 9800 can be equipment with Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Intermec or Avery print engines.

Hunkar Packaging

Covington, Ky.



Integrated, four-quadrant technology enables Magnetic Products’ Cassel metal detectors to readjust their settings to find metals in even difficult products, such as cheese and foods with a high-salt content. The units can be serviced remotely, often eliminating the need for costly, on-site repairs. A series of easy-to-follow, step-by-step, high-graphic screens enable users to set product-testing standards to ensure maximum performance.

Magnetic Products Inc.

Highland, Mich.



Anver Corp. offers a full line of FDA-approved, translucent, silicone vacuum suction cups for a wide range of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) in food-handling and packaging applications. Suitable to handle frozen food tubs to picking baked good from ovens, the cups are available in numerous sizes and configurations, with or without bellows. Fittings, spring suspensions and mounting hardware are also available.

Anver Corp.

Hudson, Mass.



Sealed on all four sides, Temkin International’s new laminated Quad Seal Bags have a crisp, reinforced structure that lets them stand upright without losing their shape. The side seals provide uninterrupted space on all bag panels, allowing for graphics, text and labels, or a clear viewing window when left bank. Airtight and hermetic, the side seals also help extend product shelf life. The bags come in metallic and clear films, and in sizes ranging from 4 in. to 11 in. wide, up to 25 in. long and with 2- to 6-in. gussets.

Temkin International Inc.

Payson, Utah



The ProStack Solid Deck Pallet joins the ProStack Double Leg Ratchet family of hygienic, easy-to-clean and easy-to-inspect pallets. Manufactured by Polymer Solutions International, the pallet features a telescoping, double-leg design with a series of interlocking “teeth.” This ratchet-style construction secures the top deck to the base via the interlocking legs. The ProStack Solid Deck Pallet measures 40 in. by 48x63 in., weighs 49 lb. and is rated for a 30,000- lb. static load or 5,000-lb. dynamic load. It’s made from 100% recyclable, FDA-approved high density polyethylene, but is available in other materials.

Polymer Solutions International Inc.

Medford, N.J.



GreenClean Cleaners from BioSafe Systems have professional strength formulas that can be used in all types of food-processing and production facilities. GreenClean Degreaser is a blend of water-based solvents and detergents; GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner is a heavy-duty, concentrated liquid detergent containing a balanced blend of alkaline builders, dispersant and wetting agents; GreenClean CIP Detergent is a heavy-duty, low-foaming liquid alkaline detergent; and GreenClean Acid Cleaner is a concentrated, phosphoric acid detergent with wetting agents. All are available in 5-, 30-, 55- and 275-gal. sizes.

BioSafe Systems

East Hartford, Conn.



DISOCONT MASTER Touch Group Controller from Schenck AccuRate can manage up to 16 gravimetric screw feeders, weigh feeders and mass flow meters. The controller features easy touchscreen operation, recipe management, display, analytics, event acknowledgment, measurement value selection and interlocking feeders. Fieldbus, language translation and batch reporting options are available. The unit can be packaged in a panel, wall or pedestal mount-type enclosure. 

Schenck AccuRate

Whitewater, Wis.