Hydration and mixing system

The Rapidojet hydration and mixing system can produce everything from fully hydrated minors (bran, whole wheat, flour for sponge and more) to complete doughs (bread, roll, cake, muffin and pastry), according to Bakery Concepts International LLC. Other applications include grain soaking and gluten and potato flake hydration. Two models are available: The Rapidojet RJ 3500 VT (shown) offers hydration of 20-30%; has a capacity maximum of 4,000 kg./hour (depending on the product); and can be used for batch or continuous processing. The Rapidojet RJ 700 VT Mini offers hydration of 20-30% and has capacity maximum of 1,200 kg./hour (depending on the product). The models feature a flour hopper, screw feeder, mixing chamber, touchscreen and stainless-steel finish.

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Flexible packaging

According to Clear Lam Packaging Inc., its PrimaPak Packaging System is the industry’s first flexible, stackable and reclosable packaging solution. Made from proprietary rollstock, the cube-shaped package is designed as a replacement for rigid cans, jars, trays, select flexible packaging and more. Lightweight and stackable, it merchandises on six sides, retains its shape, performs well during transport and stacks well on retail shelves and in consumer pantries. In addition, the packaging uses up to 70% less plastic compared to polyethylene terephthlate (PET) jars, maximizing manufacturing efficiencies. It’s well-suited for a variety of products, including salty snacks and candy.

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Optical sorters

The Bühler Group fortifies its optical sorting portfolio for dry commodities, such as nuts, seeds, pulses, grain, coffee and plastics, with the SORTEX A and B ranges. SORTEX A excels in dry-commodity food-sorting applications requiring the strictest levels of food quality and safety. It comprises the standard SORTEX A, DualVision, ColorVision and MultiVision. All are available in a range of modules to allow processors to tailor their sorting investments to their specific capacity requirements. SORTEX B, which comprises the standard SORTEX B, DualVision and ColorVision, is available in various module sizes and is designed for maximizing yield and productivity in mainstream sorting applications. It provides high reject accuracy and process efficiency ensuring a high yield of consistent quality end-product.

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Cup/lid case packer

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. introduces its horizontal case packer (HCP) for sleeves of cups and lids, including the new environmentally friendly plastic foam replacement cups. The model packs either sleeves of cups, lids or a combination of both into a case in standard or custom industry pack patterns. It also allows different products to be packed easily without extensive changeovers. The system is available with a wide variety of standard options and in several standard floor plans to minimize the footprint.

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Injecting depositors

Hinds-Bock Corp. offers injecting depositors for sweet goods, such as donuts, muffins, cupcakes and parfait cups. They are available in both conventional piston-injecting models and servo-driven injecting models. Servo-driven diving and traveling spout bridges are used when injecting depositors are used over continuous-motion conveyors. Diving spout bridges are used over intermittent-motion conveyors. Both can be used to inject fillings such as crème, jelly, fruit and chocolate accurately and at high rates of speed.

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Fill and seal machine

Cloud Packaging Solutions’ Robert’s IMP 1500, part of the company’s IMP Series of intermittent-motion horizontal fill/seal machines, packages difficult products “like nothing else,” according to the company. Its traveling funnels keep filling bags through a 180-deg. bend in the conveyor, and both the filling funnel and conveyor can be equipped with agitators, so product fills and settles quickly. The IMP 1500 handles many sizes (from a few ounces to more than 20 lb.) and styles of premade pouches: reclosable, standup bags; gusseted; quad seal; flat-bottom; three- and four-sized seal styles; and zipper/slider. Package and product changeovers can be accomplished in 20 minutes, the company says.

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Vibratory feeders

The patented Model HD High Deflection Vibratory Feeder from Eriez combines the higher deflection (up to 3/16-in.) and lower frequency (30 cycles per second) advantages of a mechanical feeder with the trouble-free service of an electromagnetic feeder. The feeders are designed to effectively handle difficult-to-feed materials, such as fine powders and sticky products. In addition, travel speeds of up to 80 ft. per min. and throughputs ranging from 150 to 700 cu. ft. per hour make the feeders suitable for packaging and other light industry applications. Customers can choose from four models: HD-36 feeds up to 200 cu. ft. per hour; HD-46 feeds up to 400 cu. ft. per hour; HD-56 feeds up to 500 cu. ft. per hour; and HD-66 feeds up to 700 cu. ft. per hour.

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Electromagnetic conveyor

Part of the Smart Shaker family of vibratory conveyors, Impulse electromagnetic conveyors are designed to feed multi-head weighers and packaging lines, according to Key Technology. Impulse conveyors have no sliding or rotating parts to wear and no belts or bearings to fail. The energy-efficient, electromagnetic drives are low maintenance, with no moving parts. Oil-free operation helps ensure food safety and product quality, particularly when installed above open product zones. Impulse conveyors also offer a sanitary, washdown/wipe-down design, making it suitable for most bulk processing and packaging distribution lines that handle a wide range of food products.

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Small-format pallet

ORBIS Corp.’s 42x30 Small-Format HP Pallet is designed to optimize the supply chain of small footprint retailers by eliminating product touches during the order replenishment process, from distribution center (DC) to store to floor. The all-plastic pallet enables full and split cases to be sorted and loaded at the DC. The pallet is then delivered to a store and used as a replenishment vehicle at the point of sale. Once pallets arrive at the retailer, they can be moved directly to the floor, reducing labor costs and maximizing storage space. Only 30 in. wide, the pallet fits through narrow doorways and tight store aisles. In addition, its contoured corners won’t damage product, while its solid body construction accommodates a variety of load sizes and weights.

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X-ray system

Mettler-Toledo Safeline says its X36 Series x-ray technology offers up to five times more sensitivity than traditional systems and accommodates a broad range of packaging applications. X36 Series systems can also simultaneously perform product-integrity checks, from checking products to verifying seal integrity on single or multi-lane applications, without compromising throughput rate and process efficiency. With a choice of 0.8-mm or 0.4-mm detector diodes, generator sizes and detector width options, the system can be customized according to the nature and format of the packaged products being scanned.

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High-throw conveyor

The tna roflo VM 3 high-throw vibratory conveyor from tna is designed to gently transfer sticky confectionery and other difficult products through increased vertical motion to improve product throughput and line
efficiency. The model has a full stainless-steel washdown construction and, like tna’s other vibratory conveyors, operates at natural frequency, greatly reducing power consumption. The pan material is available dimpled or a standard flat finish, depending on application requirements.

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Centrifugal impact pin mill

Munson Machinery Co. Inc.’s 24-in.-diameter CIM-24-MS pin mill grinds, sizes, de-agglomerates and homogenizes friable or other materials into controlled particle
sizes, from coarse to fine (400 mesh). Typical applications include rice flour, starches, sugars, spices, grains, sodium compounds and other friable products. Constructed of mild steel with abrasion-resistant disc pins and a durable exterior finish, the model is available with all material contact surfaces of stainless steel, finished to food and pharmaceutical standards and of abrasion-resistant steel for processing exceptionally hard or sharp materials.

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