WS Packaging Group Inc., Green Bay, Wis., purchases Boelter Industries Inc., a full-service, folding carton company based in Winona, Minn. Boelter Industries specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of folding cartons and converted paperboard products for a broad range of end-use applications.

WS Packaging is one of the largest printing and label converters in North America, operating 20 manufacturing facilities. “Having Boelter Industries as part of WS Packaging’s future is a great win for all of us,” says Rex Lane, CEO. “Their 40 years of experience, including their vast knowledge of the folding carton business and other capabilities, will help us further strengthen our single-source-to-completion concept, which provides our customers with everything they need to do their project right, from high-quality printing to on-time delivery, all within budget.”

Boelter Industries offers two distinct converting processes including offset lithography with an emphasis on small- to large-format, multicolored, key-line and/or process printing requirements. The second converting process is flexographic printing with inline die cutting, using state-of-the-art equipment in narrow-web, midrange and wide-web capabilities. In addition, Boelter Industries offers finishing capabilities such as window patching, where windows, pockets or patches can be added to cartons, blanks or substrates to clearly help showcase a product to customers.

“We are truly pleased by the opportunity to join WS Packaging,” adds Dennis Boelter, president of Boelter Industries. “Our facility, capabilities and craftsmanship will complement WS Packaging’s broad range of product and service offerings quite well.”

“Boelter Industries continuously strives to achieve superior performance by providing customers with quality products in a cost-effective manner,” Boelter adds. “All levels of our operations have built-in quality checks. And we’re continually reviewing the latest technologies to enhance our equipment and streamline our operations, enabling us to better handle shorter lead times and deliver faster turnarounds.”

The company’s ongoing commitment to quality and improvement will make for a smooth transition into the WS Packaging IMPACT business system, which demonstrates and applies innovative change through Lean practices that positivity impacts the company, its employees and customers.