Thymly Products Inc., a leading manufacturer of dry mix ingredients for bakeries based in Havre de Grace, Md., knows that its high food safety standards protect their customers as well as consumers. In December 2010, the company decided to replace its old metal detector with Mettler-Toledo Safeline’s PowerPhasePRO RB, an unusual metal detector that offers the highest detection sensitivity for large bulk products and packages.

“We had been running at the industry standard for metal detection sensitivity when a customer came in and requested that we bump it up,” reports Dustin Rahn, Thymly’s plant manager. “We have always done a very good job with food safety, and part of that is always looking to improve. Mettler-Toledo Safeline is a partner in that quest.”

Of the three production lines at Thymly Products, one is flexible enough to handle every product and package the company produces—from 10 lb. (4.5 kg.) pails to 80 lb. (36 kg.) kraft bags. The different dry mix ingredient blends packaged on this line have widely varying moisture contents, which could challenge other metal detectors, especially when the highest sensitivity is needed.

Processors with large product capacities and packages typically downgrade specifications to 2.2 mm or even 2.5 mm. Thymly Products searched for a metal detector that could do better, and found Safeline’s PowerPhasePRO RB.

“We considered metal detectors from three different suppliers,” Rahn states. “We compared detection sensitivity, ease of use and the quality of construction. Additionally, we needed the metal detector to communicate with our PLC system.”

The new metal detector keeps track of run sizes, run times, line operators and what product is running when, in addition to temperature and humidity. The system automatically sends this data to the plant’s PLC system, where it’s saved. “Automatically delivering data to the PLC reduces the potential for user error, and it takes one more thing off the operator’s plate, which allows them to focus more on Thymly’s processes,” notes Rahn.

He adds that “our dedication to producing high-quality product and achieving this high level of food safety has contributed to our success. We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds despite the economy. We know that the only way to grow our business is by helping customers grow their businesses. Our aim is to supply functional ingredients that exceed customers’ expectations. Assuring the highest product quality and food safety is an important part of that.”