Snack Food TodayRudolph Foods’ support football legends in need with annual pork rind campaign

Rudolph Foods’ Second Annual Pork Rind Appreciation Day campaign will culminate on the biggest football day of the year:
Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 3. Launched last year by the Lima, Ohio-based pork rinds manufacturer, the campaign raises money for Gridiron Greats, a nonprofit organization that provides medical and financial assistance to former National Football League (NFL) players in need. Rudolph Foods will donate 10 cents of the purchase of all Rudolph Foods branded products sold from September through February (up to $10,000) to the organization’s assistance fund, which helps the families of retired NFL players as well.

The campaign also offers pork rind lovers a chance to win football parties, pork rinds and other prizes by visiting Rudolph Foods’ website, In addition to being able to watch videos from football hall of famers and join in on Twitter chats using #PorkRindDay, consumers can learn about Gridiron Greats, offer their support, buy pork rinds online and enter to win a big game party, complete with sandwiches, pork rinds, a 50-in. plasma TV and a personalized video from a Gridiron Greats football legend.

“There are few things more American than pork rinds and the Big Game,” says Mark Singleton, Rudolph Foods’ vice president sales and marketing. “As a family-owned company, Rudolph Foods is proud to lead other football-lovin’ families in the support of Gridiron Greats. These heroes have provided us with decades of memories and entertainment, it’s only right we support them now in their time of need with this football-lovin’ campaign!”


Snack Food TodayNCSAA names Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle best new snack

Sheila G Brands, LLC, West Palm Beach, Fla., received a coveted crystal trophy for Best New Snack Product for its flagship product, Shelia G’s Brownie Brittle. The innovative brownie product, a thin, crispy snack that delivers the taste of a brownie without the guilt, was recognized by industry professionals at the National Confectionery Sales Association of America Awards in October.

Company founder and brownie innovator Sheila G. Mains—known in the industry as “Sheila G”—accepted the award, telling attendees, “We are truly honored to be chosen among so many amazing industry leaders. This further reinforces our commitment to our consumer and retailers to develop innovative products are will delight America’s sweet teeth.”

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle also was named a National Confectioners Association’s 2012 Most Innovative New Products Award finalist and winner of the Best Cookie Award at the 2011 Festival of Chocolate in Florida. 


Snack Food TodaySnikiddy switches to nonGMO ingredients for its family-friendly snacks

Snikiddy, a line of all-natural snacks made from simple, wholesome, real-food ingredients, is transitioning to nongenetically-modified ingredients for its foods. Effective immediately, all Snikiddy products, including All-Natural Cheese Puffs, All-Natural Baked Fries and Eat Your Vegetables, are being manufactured using nonGMO-sourced ingredients.

“The transition to making Snikiddy snacks with nonGMO ingredients is driven by our continued focus and desire to offer healthy snacking solutions for mothers and their entire families,” says Mary Schulman, founder and executive vice president of marketing for Boulder, Colo.-based Snikiddy. “We’re a family brand and have always been dedicated to making better-for-you snacks the whole family can enjoy, so using nonGMO ingredients was a natural and easy choice for us.”

As part of the switch, all Snikiddy products have been reformulated and are now manufactured with ingredients that are verified from nonGMO sources, including potatoes, corn, navy beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, rice, oils and primary seasonings. Snikiddy started shipping products with new packaging marked as nonGMO last month.