When people step into a distribution center for the first time and witness the harmonious orchestra of conveyor systems, order-picking technology, print and apply units, inline scales, sortation and host of other material-handling technology, they typically respond with a “Wow!” followed quickly by “How?” The answer to this question is software. Software controls the information flow from the highest enterprise level down to the on/off switch for a shipping sorter divert mechanism. That’s why it’s important to understand the various information systems and their roles to ensuring a smooth warehouse operation. John T. Phelan Jr., chief operating officer of TriFactor, LLC, a material handling systems integrator in Lakeland, Fla., discusses the software that drives the hardware in a distribution center in this white paper.

Download the free white paper here. (http://www.trifactor.com/Material-Handling-White-Papers/Software-Hardware)