Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., launches Pack Studios through its Performance packaging business. The collaborative will accelerate packaging application projects through a global network of labs, experts and testing equipment.

Currently, there are four Pack Studios centers around the globe: Freeport, Texas; Horgen, Switzerland; São Paulo; and Shanghai. Each center features a collaboration room to inspire solution-based thinking, laboratory facilities for material development and fabrication and testing equipment to validate packaging applications. Direct customers and other members of the packaging value chain who visit Pack Studios can meet with a Dow technical team and a global network of industry professionals with experience in packaging application, materials and design.

“Pack Studios is collaborate, innovate, accelerate. These three propositions underscore the value that Pack Studios will bring to our customers,” says Scott Collick, North America director of Technical Services & Development for Dow Performance Packaging. “By combining these three core values, Pack Studios becomes a catalyst for the packaging solutions of tomorrow, providing customers with a competitive advantage today.”

Besides providing a chance to experiment with different properties for flexible food and beverage packaging such as protective barrier films, sealants and adhesives, Pack Studios can facilitate the sharing of ideas that will enable greater growth within the food packaging industry, the company reports.

“Pack Studios’ purpose is to assist Dow in fulfilling the larger goal of advancing the packaging industry as a whole while helping our customers improve their bottom lines,” explains Collick. “This is more than a series of labs. It is a unique experience for each customer that allows them to accelerate their innovation process.”

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