Company: Diagraph, St. Charles, MO


Equipment Snapshot: Diagraph’s new IJ4000 high-resolution large character impulse inkjet system prints alphanumerics, barcodes and graphics onto porous substrates, such as secondary food packaging. According to the company, three features allow the IJ4000 to provide best-in-the-market print consistency on challenging packaging lines: A unique roller retractor and a digital level sensor accelerometer ensure precision print placement. The model’s print engine provides throw distance of .5 inch for alphanumerics and .25 inch for barcodes, which ensure high-quality print as well as reduces the impact of corrugate dust, glue and contaminants. The print engine’s design ensures print is up to 15 percent darker than the last generation offering. Other features include a human machine interface (HMI) that allows the print engine, encoder and photocell connections to run directly and cleanly to the connection hub; an integrated 10.2-inch touchscreen controller interface that eliminates the need for a separate keyboard; and an auto-channel purge that allows user to quickly check all 256 print head channels by pushing a button on the print head while on the packaging line.