Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Minneapolis


Equipment Snapshot: A cost-effective way to extend life and improve functionality for select Thermo Scientific metal detector platforms is now available via the Thermo Scientific APEX Upgrade. According to Thermo Fisher Scientific, thousands of units based on the DSP3 architecture currently installed in food manufacturing facilities worldwide now can be upgraded to APEX electronics and software in a few hours for less than the cost of a new metal detector. On-site or factory installation of the upgrade by a company field service professional can help processors meet new, more-stringent quality standards with the ability to detect smaller diameter metal contaminants. In addition, improved sensitivity reduces re-work and scrap caused by occasional false rejects. Maintenance and training also can be simplified via a common user interface if the plant has both APEX and DSP3 platform metal detectors. Other features include Thermo Scientific Intellitrack XR (IXR) software, a streamlined design, a food-grade ABS control panel and a touch-panel keypad with no moving parts.