Company: DeltaTrak, Pleasanton, CA


Technology Snapshot: DeltaTrak’s FlashLink Mini DPF In-Transit Logger is a compact, single-use temperature recorder designed for import and export shipments. According to the company, it provides accurate, reliable monitoring and recording of conditions during transport, storage and handling of perishable products. It features a built-in USB connector that allows users to access a trip history without special reading devices. The on-board software generates a secure PDF file once the logger is plugged into a PC or tablet, and can print reports directly to a printer with a USB port. The logger also provides verification that products have been kept within their proper temperature range. Each unit comes mounted on a bright green shipping card, making it easy to locate when a shipment arrives. A peel-away barcode label with the logger serial number can be attached to shipping documents and scanned into the shipper’s ERP system for complete traceability. Fifteen- and 75-day models are available.