Company: A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL


Equipment Snapshot: Snack manufacturers interested in automating their hand-packing lines may find a simple, cost-effective and reliable alternative with the Model 19 packer, says A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. The model provides smooth and gentle product handling that maintains product integrity as it automatically indexes and accumulates each product load before sliding it through stainless steel loading funnels into the shipping case. A single operator is needed to open cases and place them on the case packing funnel. The Model 19 comes with numerous standard features, including powered infeed with product sensors, no-case-no-load and no-product-no-load protection, full guarding with see-through panels, easy-access operator controls and product takeaway conveyor. It packs cartons, shrink-wrapped multipacks, and rigid and semirigid containers into regular slotted containers (RSCs), half slotted containers (HSCs) and display cases. In addition, it occupies only 75 square feet of floor space, including infeed and takeaway conveyors, and can run at speeds up to 15 cases per minute.