As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to implement expanded food safety regulation tied to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Parker Products is offering full support for compliance with its kill-step validated ingredients.

FDA regulations now require all food manufacturers to provide scientific evidence that processes are in place to mitigate biological and pathogenic risks, with compliance required by late 2017. Kill step validation ensures that ingredients meet safety standards following the cooking or baking process and prior to entering commerce. While other ingredient suppliers are still updating their food safety procedures, Parker already offers hard candies, pralines, variegates, inclusions, and sprinkles with scientific evidence of a five log reduction during the manufacturing process. The kill step validation studies were designed on these manufacturing lines for worst case scenarios by a third party.

“Parker has long been dedicated to food safety and good manufacturing practices,” said Greg Hodder, president of Parker. “We are glad to be able to offer intriguing ingredients that meet and exceed FDA standards and that help our customers update their compliance standards.”

Parker’s validated ingredients support great-tasting applications for industries including baking and snack, dairy, beverage, and confectionery.

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