Company: Millennium Packaging


Packaging Snapshot: In a major advance in the premium shrink film market, Sealed Air is introducing Opti Next Generation Shrink Films from Millennium Packaging. The new film supplies up to 30% more footage in the same footprint and at the same price as competitive products, yielding key cost, material use and production advantages.

These benefits stem from patented Sealed Air 29-micro-layer technology that produces a thinner gauge with better tear resistance and better clarity than many thicker films. The Opti NX also has a wider sealing and shrinking range than standard films, making it the most forgiving film on the market. 

The Opti NX family includes five all-purpose (Opti NXG) and two soft-shrink (Opt NXS) gauges that meet the needs of a broad array of applications, including irregularly shaped products and soft items such as converted paper that are unable to withstand the shrink force of conventional all-purpose materials.  The new films adapt to a wide range of shrink machinery, are recyclable, and are both FDA- and USPS- approved.