First Choice Ingredients (FCI), one of the largest dairy ingredient companies in the United States, recently shipped its first orders from their new, full-scale production facility, confirming the market’s growing demand for high quality dairy concentrates.

Purchased in late 2016, FCI spent the last several months testing, calibrating and updating the facility to ensure it was ready for full-scale production. The new plant has doubled FCI’s footprint and has the capacity to produce over 10 million pounds of dairy ingredients annually.

“Getting the third facility up to our standards was an enormous undertaking,” said Jim Pekar, president of FCI. “But we know that our ability to speed up production timelines with this extra capacity will be a huge win for our customers.”

With all licenses and certifications now completed, FCI recently celebrated their expansion with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Menomonee Falls facility with a variety of city and county officials.

The 83,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space is Kosher and Halal certified.