Kemin Industries recently released results of several studies that prove the effectiveness of sophisticated antioxidants and plant extracts that provide shelf stability solutions for fats and oils. Kemin used technology to create single ingredients, synergistic blends and proprietary formulas to help keep fats and oils, and the multitude of end products they go into—such as bakery and snack products—visually appealing and tasting fresh for consumers.

“As our industry has moved away from PHOs (partially hydrogenated oils) and continues to clean up and simplify food labels, it is important that processors find the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to ensure the shelf life of their products,” said Mackenzie Russo, marketing specialist for Kemin Food Technologies. “Kemin has extensive knowledge of oxidation processes and is constantly conducting research which enables the development of new shelf life ingredients. Recent studies showcase how Kemin product solutions for fats and oils provide the optimal color and flavor protection to the industry.”

Kemin evaluated the oxidative stability of a variety of oils ranging from less expensive, low stability to higher priced, more stable oils to better understand how each would benefit from some type of antioxidant treatment. Results showed each oil type benefited from treatment and each oil was unique in the amount of protection it required. By analyzing a variety of treatment options, Kemin is now able to offer optimal solutions to meet the manufacturers’ stability and brand goals.

It is also important to note oil stability is not only critical to the oil manufacturer, but also the finished food manufacturer. Kemin has tested several solutions in finished food applications, such as whole grain crackers. Within this study, oil-soluble green tea extract demonstrated that it could replace Tertiary-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) at 2000ppm inclusion rate. As manufacturers look to reformulate their snack foods to meet the demand for consumer-friendly products, replacing synthetic antioxidants such as TBHQ becomes imperative.

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