Snack and bakery retail sales data for the past year points toward the importance of “freshness” as a product attribute (watch for the June issue of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery for our “State of the Industry—Bakery” analysis for more on how freshness is taking the lead on some product segments). Convenience also remains selling point across all retail grocery channels.

We recently reached out to Jo Anne Forman, director of product development at Sealstrip Corp., Gilbertsville, PA, to learn more about how packaging can bring these combined product attributes to the snack and bakery market.


Douglas J. Peckenpaugh: What are the basics of the different resealable options Sealstrip offers for the snack and bakery market?

Sealstrip Corp. logoJo Anne Forman: Peel&Seal, Sealstrip and FreshPak are resealable features that preserve flavor and freshness while keeping the product protected and contained in the original packaging. There are no tracks to line up, so the reseals are easy for all to use, including children and seniors.

The feature is an FDA-compliant pressure-sensitive tape with a non-adhesive linear edge for an easy-to-grip, easy-open feature. This also provides the reseal feature, which maintains the packaging’s barrier property while being moisture-resistant and freezer-compatible.

Sealstrip Corporation manufactures the cost-effective materials and innovative applicators. The applicators are retro-fit to the current machinery, so there is no need to purchase new and costly machinery. There is no reduction in line speed, and the applicators are energy-efficient.


DJP: Are there specific types of snacks and baked goods that particularly benefit from this approach to resealable packaging?

JAF: Sealstrip Corporation’s resealable features are proven in the baking and snack industry. A variety of baked goods and snacks benefit, including, but not limited to, tortillas, crackers, snack mixes, breads, pastries, cookies, frozen biscuits, chips, etc.


DJP: How does this approach help preserve the product’s quality?

JAF: Sealstrip Corporation’s resealable features create a seal which maintains the packaging’s barrier property. The product is kept fresher, longer in the original packaging, which also reduces food waste, and promotes packaging material sustainability, reinforcing brand messaging.